Sunday, January 23, 2011

Year End Holidays, Penang!

Assalamualaikum w.h.b and happy weekend :)

My YEH is at Penang.
Went there with my parents. aunt, lil bro and me.
My sister and bro didn't follow us because busy with their works.

My dad

My aunt, mom and my dad

Dad and Lil bro in Penang Rapid Bus

One thing i don't like when on holidays is this..

Perasan x?

Still xperasan..

Ok, in this pic mesti akan perasan what i dont like when im in holidays

abaikan muka diatas ;p

Xperasan lagi?

Focus on my hijab. Garis2 tanda tudung x iron. (* *)
Just a small problem i think. hehe. And i dont mind, well dah kata on vacation ofcourselah ada sikit2 macamtu.

Thats all.
I think my English sangat teruk, and i really dont like it. haishh..


  1. heheh..put,skrg kn byk tdung yg xpyh nk di iron2..

  2. tudung2 jenis bawal manede yang xpayah di iron.
    semuannya kena iron lainlah selendang or syria

  3. mak you cantik. How old is she?
    ada keturunan arab ke dayah?

  4. my mom lahir tahun Malaysia Merdeka.
    so, agak2 umur dia berapa?hehe
    xde keturunan arab pun.