Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My New Addicted

Assalamualaikum w.h.b
what's up? Hope korang sihat with a great condition.
Me? Alhamdulillah, i'm in very good condition and healthy with my family and friends.
and busy with classes, family and friend. Syukur ;)

Last post on 090311, today's post on 290311.

Just wanna share with u guys my new addicted.
not so new la, actually dah lama tapi dulu terpendam.
sekarang masa untuk meluahkan pula minat2 yang terpendam.hehe

Nak tau what is my new addicted..
I think, all girls ada addicted dengan benda ni.
Maybe 10% je yang x suka.


Me introduce my new & current addicted


p/s: this is not mine, just take it from miss Google.thanks sweety! ;p

Dah tau what is my current addicted?
kumpul make up stuff.
which is need a lot of money to buy that thingy
so, kalau dah ter addicted dengan benda ni, harusla save money start from now. xgitu miss??

im just buy Make up brush set which is cost Rm172 thru lowyat's forum.
And i cant wait to received and use it on my customer's face.

Sangat berharap yang brush ni lembut and buatkan solekan lebih stunning. hehe

Will upload my hasil solekan to you. Inshaallah

Thats all for today and this month.
Thanks for reading.
i love you!;)


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